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Staying Positive in these unique times


Dear Community, 

Waking up this morning you might of felt like you are in a movie, I know I did. I am writing to let you know that I am here for you. I am deeply committed to the health and well being of my patients and the community. Thrive will remain a place of healing, calming nervous systems, boosting immunity and helping people feel better!

I am also cleaning more, washing my hands (as per usual!), and stocking up on all of the immune-boosting herbs that have been part of Chinese medicine for millenia. Please don't hesitate to contact me for an herbal recommendation to help boost your immune system.

I will continue to treat patients and monitor the situation as it evolves. Chinese Medicine is an important tool in fostering wellness, and I am committed to supporting our community in this way. 

As this unique situation develops, If you have a fever, show any signs of a compromised immune system, or have travelled internationally, or the level 3 states in the last two weeks, please contact me so that we can help you in a way that does not involve coming into the clinic or direct contact. I am offering distance consults for herbs and supplements, as needed. 

In these uncertain times you may have found yourself feeling more nervous than usual. Below are some self care recommendations that you can use to keep yourself calm and healthy. During these times there are many things we can not control but we can control our reaction to them. A colleague wrote the ABC’s and I thought it was great tool and want to share it with you…

Let's start with the ABC's--these are the things you CAN control:
A is for Attitude. This is everything. A calm nervous system helps foster a strong immune system. I like the expression "Proceed as if it is not a problem" because we are super resilient human beings and many of us have been through challenges much larger than this in our lives. Check in with yourself and adjust accordingly.
B is for Breath. This is our best tool for keeping a calm nervous system. In through the nose, longer exhale through the mouth. This keeps our nervous systems strong and calm Even better? You do this, and you can help calm others down because you are modeling calm behavior (it goes the other way too, which is an even greater reason for being mindful of your breath).
C is for Choice. You get to choose how you move through this situation. Everything can suck, or be full of panic or fear, or you can say yes to what is happening in the present moment and eliminate the friction by accepting the the moment for what it is.

And then there are the other basics, which include:

1. Washing your hands. This can not be overstated enough. Wash them every time you come in from the outside, every time you go to the bathroom, every time you think about it. Wash them, wash them good. 20 seconds or more.

2. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. This is the foundation for a strong immune system. Asleep by 10:30. Lights out at 10:20. Pretend you are a kind and loving parent to yourself, and gently admonish yourself that really, it's time for lights out at 10:20. Because you'll thank yourself later and may even develop a good lifelong habit of investing in your health by getting more sleep.

3. Stay calm. See the ABC's above. Anxiety, fear and panic all increase the release of cortisol, which compromises the immune system. That's not what we want. And staying calm feels better anyway. Read the trashy novel. Skip FB. Do some drawing. Do some yoga. Meditate. Breathe. Laugh. Take a nap. Do what you need to modulate your immune system by keeping calm. (Another good lifelong habit to foster!!)

4. Nourish yourself. Eat warm, cooked foods. Avoid sugar, avoid over indjulging. This will help your body operate from a place of lower inflammation--boosting the immune system and lowering overall stress.  

I hope you use the above tips and they add value to your health. I am committed to the communities wellbeing and am confident TCM is well equipped to help support wellness and to support our community through this unique time. 

In Health and Love,