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Happy Spring ~ Love your Liver

by Sunnie Sabol

Happy Spring ~ Love your Liver, Thrive Acupuncture & Integrative Health in Brookfield WI


The Liver is all about the smooth flow of movement--on every level. It is about moving our bodies, moving our minds, shifting things in our lives. The liver is also associated with the eyes, and with the blood in this ancient system. So what can we do to help support healthy liver function?

Spring is a season of transition from the dormant yin of winter into the yang of summer. We in Milwaukee area have really felt the flow of the seasons back and forth. Spring in Chinese medicine connects with the organ system of the Liver and the element of wood. Liver is the most important of the organ systems. The liver is in charge of cleansing, renewing and energizing our body. When the liver is running smooth, emotional Qi will flow with ease. Spring is great time to cleanse the body of toxins and old stored emotions of anger & frustration. Our hectic lifestyles cause the body to overloaded with toxins from foods and the environment. leading us to feel sluggish & tired. Cleansing the liver allows the liver to rejuvenate our body & mind slowing down the aging process.

Spring activities to help move the liver QI

Move- the liver loves movement, go out for a long walk. Liver is controls the tendons of the body take care to stretch,  try yoga class or something new like Qi gong.
The liver opens to the eyes, take breaks from screens phones and computers.

Deep Clean your home,  give some attention to the areas of your home that are not a part of the usual routine. Organize the bathroom cabinets.

Spring clean your diet, lighten up your meals, add lemon to your water, add sour tasting foods to your meals or snacks. Try adding these foods; green tea, sunflower seeds, asparagus, fermented foods, seaweed, green cruciferous vegetables.

Acupuncture treatments can help flow the energy of the liver. Some symptoms of a stagnant liver energy are, headaches, stress, PMS, stiff neck, Bloating. Acupuncture can help rejuvenate your liver and ease your symptoms. With all the wind whipping around, this is also the season of tight neck and shoulders.


Finally, the liver has two emotions associated with it: frustration, as mentioned above, and COMPASSION. When you feel compassion--for yourself, for others, for all human suffering, your liver is functioning well at an emotional level. When in doubt, reach for compassion, for yourself first and foremost, because from that, everything else flows. AKA Lovingkindness. All day. Every Day. Because love is the most powerful medicine of ALL.